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Natural handmade cosmetics witn unique formulas
Natural handmade cosmetics witn unique formulas
Liana Vaganova Lab
Natural handmade cosmetics witn unique formulas
My name is Liana Vaganova and I create natural skin care cosmetics based on my own recipes.

Ten years of passion for natural care, studying the properties of plants, minerals, oils, ethers, natural ingredients, searching for the elixirs of youth and beauty.

When creating cosmetics according to an individual recipe, I take into account all your wishes and problems that you would like to solve.
That is why the positive result does not make you wait long.
Individual approach
According to the author, there is nothing more interesting than immersing yourself in a particular person, getting to know them and creating something unique for them.
Author recipes
Recipes of cosmetic products are fully developed by the author - Liana Vaganova.
All cosmetics in Liana Vaganova's Lab are made exclusively by hand with observance of
all necessary sanitary norms.
Living cosmetics
Cosmetics exclude dangerous synthetic ingredients, 99% of ingredients - components of natural origin. All cosmetics have a short shelf life, so they can rightfully be called "living" cosmetics.
Natural ingredients
99% of cosmetic ingredients are components of natural origin. We leave 1% for the "green" preservative to ensure that our cosmetics remain safe and healthy.
Your conscious choice
Cosmetics are created for people who think about their health.
The principles of making cosmetics
In the creation of natural handmade cosmetics absolutely everything matters: the sterility of tools, cleanliness in the studio, safety technology, atmosphere, trained master and assistants, the quality of ingredients, working with proven suppliers.

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Active additives and ingredients
We use vegetable and essential oils from France and America. They all have "BIO" and "ECOCERT" certificates. We order active ingredients from proven suppliers in Germany, Belgium and France.

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Natural Beauty School
We take a holistic approach to beauty, so there is no shortage of yoga in all its variety, the benefits of pranayama and meditation, facepilates, facial gymnastics and information about the latest scientific research in the field of natural ingredients for cosmetics.
Blog & Inspiration
Personal stories and experiences, personal insights and practices, events visited by us, inspiring happenings, people and books.

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